The Morane with another classic aircraft in the air, blue war bird in the Blue sky, HY-22, G-EBLV, a sharp but smooth left curve beautifully executed by this gorgeous vintage aeroplane, the Morane seducing the blue sky, photos taken by Steve Grimshaw, the Morane enjoying the hospitality of the Real Aeroplane Company at Breighton, the classic design of this aircraft is reflected in the water, standing proudly in front of the MS 317, the perfect wooden propeller, just like it’s meant to be, Nigel Jones and Tony Whitehead dressed to impress, a young lady is about to take her first flight in this lovely old lady, G-MOSA, Kate Sims, photo taken from below as the Morane is taking off, photo taken from the Morane in the passenger seat, a lovely shot of the Morane Saulnier from the side, two people in the Morane checking something on the side, air to air photo, Tony Whitehead’s bon voyage wave from the Morane, another air to air shot of the Morane, the Morane’s happy pilot and passenger, French charm in the air, on approach to the home of the Real Aeroplane Company, Breighton, Morane Saulnier on take off, the Morane leaving the circuit, the MS 317 on landing, taxi and park up approved for the MS 317, Breighton hangars as seen from the Morane, introducing the Moranse Saulnier to a foreign fan of vintage aeroplanes, classic aeroplane with a classy lady inside the open cockpit, vintage pinup in front of the vintage radial engine with its restorer, viewing the pinup style pictures on the camera after the photo session, a three-way discussion on the charms of flying a vintage aircraft, the Morane being used as a magnificent backdrop for this pinup flavoured photo.